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Our Firm

Who We Are

ISE Consultants Ltd (ISE) is a consultancy firm based in Hong Kong focusing on Mediation, workplace conflict resolution, Negotiation, and conflict management coaching. The founder, Mr. Roy Cheng, is a mediation trainer, assessor and accredited mediator of Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (HKMAAL). He is now devoting his time to the promotion of conflict resolutions. 

Our Observations

This era people are taught to be defensive of their RIGHTS, using POWER to take firm positions and to fight bitterly for their entitlements. In order to build a a prosperous and peaceful society, focus on INTEREST.

Our Belief

We believe people are desired for peaceful of living.

​We believe the more people using Interest basis approach to resolve conflicts and differences, the more harmonious community we will have. 

​We further believe if people in workplace who has learn the skills and knowledge to resolve conflicts, they will apply these attributes at home and lead to a harmonious living environment. 


Our Actions

We practice what we preach; we dedicated to focus on Workplace Conflict Resolutions and Conflict Management Coaching services. 

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