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Who We Are

Company background 

Established in 2001, ISE Consultants Ltd is a consultancy firm based in Hong Kong focusing on Mediation, workplace conflict resolution, Negotiation, and conflict management coaching. Mr. Roy Cheng, the founder and Managing Consultant of ISE, has been a banker, a jeweller, a property developer and is now devoting his time to the promotion of conflict resolutions. 


About Roy Cheng

Mr Roy Cheng Wui-Kei, Adjunct Professor, University of Hong Kong, School of Professional And Continuing Education (HKU SPACE), is a mediation trainer, assessor and accredited mediator of Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited (HKMAAL). Being one of the two Certified CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coach in Hong Kong since 2016, he is also the Director of ISE Consultants Limited (mediation) and Founder of the Hong Kong Institute of Mediation and author of the book "Getting to Harmony". From the year 2004-6, Roy had taken the chair of the Commercial Interest Group. He joined the Council and supported them to take the leading role of promoting mediation in Hong Kong and Asia. For details of Roy’s CV please click here.

Roy’s interest in dispute and conflict resolution has been flourishing since he took up the Master Degree in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution in the year of 2000. He has been the Chairman of the Commercial Mediation Committee of the Hong Kong Mediation Council from 2003-06.To further pursue the field of conflict resolution, Roy had attended the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School to learn how to teach negotiation within organizations and has become the first Certified Trainer of Mediation Training Institute International (MTI-INTL) in Hong Kong.

Roy also hope that mediation can be more widely used to resolve workplace disputes, leading to a harmonious work environment. His motto is: “Mediation brings Harmony and Harmony leads to Prosperity”.  


In 2005, ISE Consultants has supported the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) of the Hong Kong SAR Government to resolve a complex multi-party building management dispute by mediation – The Albert House Case.

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