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MTI Workplace Mediation

Training Program

Manager-as-Mediator (MAM)


This is a core element in the MTI Training System, the Manager-as-Mediator Seminar puts the tools of the professional mediator into the hands of your managers to build better workplace relationships, enhance performance, improve productivity, and cut the unnecessary financial costs of workplace conflict. Thousands of people have learned this practical tool for the prevention and early resolution of workplace conflict.

Self-as-Mediator (SAM)


Self As Mediator
The Self-as-Mediator Seminar is the most cost-effective way to empower your employees to handle the challenges of today's intensely interdependent workplace. They will learn how to use a simple yet powerful communication tool — "Self Mediation" — to manage the differences that impair teamwork, quality, decision-making, and cooperation throughout your organization.