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Third-Party Resolutions (TPR)

The Third-Party Resolutions: How to Mediate Employee Conflict
Every organizational leader has to deal with demographic and economic changes like downsizing, flatter hierarchies, teams, quality and multiple responsibilities that are intensifying the interdependency between employees. It is important to be able to negotiate with their staff and to help them negotiate with each other. Therefore, adequately equipping managers and leaders with the skills of mediating and negotiating work relationships in these challenging times are absolutely essential.
This programme is designed by the Mediation Training Institute International (MTI-USA), a global leader in training and certification in workplace conflict management, and will be delivered by HKU SPACE qualified trainer as well as MTI certified trainer to maintain its training quality. And to provide participants with management tool to handle simple workplace disputes. Participants will understand why and how the tool works.

Learning Objectives:
The programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To identify workplace disputes that can best be solved by the managerial mediation

  • To understand the 5 steps approach to mediation

  • To perform the three primary tasks of the manager-as-mediator

  • To negotiate agreements to prevent recurrence

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