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Mediation Services

  • Having disputes?

  • Looking for alternatives to costly litigation?

  • Seeking settlement in the course of a lengthy court action?

Our panel of mediators can be of assistance to you.

We will convene mediation by contacting both sides,

introducing the mediation process, analyzing and evaluating

the cost / benefits of different alternatives, and render ongoing

mediation services along with administration and follow-up of cases; most importantly, you can appoint ISE mediators to serve as a neutral and independent third party to facilitate parties to reach a negotiation settlement.

  • I am requested to mediate but don't know what to do

  • How can I use my lawyer for settlement?

  • How can I borrow the power of a mediator?

If you are having these questions in mind, you can contact us to help you understand the process of mediation, the role of your lawyer and the function of the neutral mediator. You may appoint our consultants to be your mediation advocates, and help you plan strategies for mediation and negotiate a better deal in the mediation session.

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