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Training Workshops

We offer training for different levels of participants. Principled Negotiation and Mediation Orientation are seminars for junior staff. We have organized array of seminars with featured topics targeted at CEOs, businesspersons and professionals from different fields. 

Nowadays, no one can avoid conflict in workplace, but it does not mean conflict is unresolvable. The Certificate Conference in Managing Workplace Conflict, an overseas course offered by Mediation Training Institute International (MTI-USA) with Law Society CPD points accredited, focus solely on workplace disputes. ISE Negotiation Workshop is designed for negotiation savvy who would like to polish their negotiation skills.

Furthermore, we offer industry-based courses such as the Building Management Seminar for Property Managers, the Dual Track Dispute Resolution Seminar for professionals. Experts from different fields are deployed to conduct the courses to maintain good quality of the training courses. 

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